Objects and Artwork

We hold a unique and fascinating collection of medical instruments and historical curiosities, dating from the 17th century to the present. These items reflect the development of the College and the personal and professional lives of some of our members.

Art and Object Catalogue

Our online catalogue contains records of all of our catalogued objects. The cataloguing of our object collections is an ongoing process.

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What's in art and object collection?

Portraits and Artworks

Our collections of portraits, busts and statues represent some of the most notable figures in Irish medicine, including many past Presidents of the College. We also collect artworks representing the medical profession and its role in society more generally.

Medical Instruments and Materia Medica

We hold a significant collection of medical instruments dating from the 18th century onwards, showing the development of medical technology over time. We also hold a collection of materia medica samples, some of which were used by the College to train apothecaries and doctors.

Ceremony and Commemoration

We look after the College’s collection of silverware, most notably our mace, designed by Sir Frederic William Burton and made from Irish silver by West & Co in 1860.  The collection also includes items given to the College to mark special occasions and the Presidential chair given to us in 1865.

Historical Curiosities

We hold many items of historical interest relating to our members and medicine more widely. These include the suit worn by College President Andrew Horne when he received a knighthood in 1913 and a table from Dun’s Hospital carved with the names of generations of medical students. Other historical curiosities include a tray carved by Countess Markievicz and, most famously of all, Napoleon’s toothbrush.


The strength of our collections rests on the many generous donations made to us in the past. We are always seeking to develop and expand our collections.

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